Fanhaus is on the cutting edge of technology.
Founded in 1922 by John W. Fanhaus, his constant commitment to quality has been one of our business practices ever since.

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Attention! Mark does everything.

About Us

Please use our company, we are poor and we need money.
Contact us today at (404) 978-9316 for a free quote.
The team:

Bec: CEO
Co-founded Fanhaus with the help of John W. Fanhaus.
She is a million years old and probably a vampire.

Erik: CGO

Gemma: CTO


Mark: Head of IT
Mark make website

Joseph: CCO
Chief Cock Officer

Joel: Head of Marketing and Design
Draw good

Mac: Human Resources
Nobody likes Mac, he's from corporate.

Char: CFO
Master of money laundering, but you didn't hear that from me

Brendan: Receptionist

Dylan: Customer Service
Contact him and yell at him

Dre: Head of Engineering
Peer Reviewed

Rach: Employee 427
Statiscially possible that she's a robot.

Guy: CBO
He brings the bevs (but it's only Coors Light because MURICA)

Jared: Janitor
Master of the Janiting Arts

Alexa: Does Something
We're afraid to fire her because she probably does something important.

Regina: Head of Ryan Relations
Friends with Ryan Haywood

Leta: The Mail Guy
Maybe, we don't know who she is or what she does.

Scott: Dentist
He has a hard job ;)

DShaw: Assistant to the Vice Chair of Unorignal Comedy
We hate him too.

Cindy: Jello Specialist
Mysterious background

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